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GameCityTV – FEZ 2027

Phil Fish visits us from THE FUTURE in this short talk from GameCity7.

GameCityTV – Mike Bithell Gets The Advice He Needs (About Promotion)

Here's Part 1 of the 'Mike Bithell Gets The Advice He Needs' series of events with Leigh Alexander & Brandon Boyer.

GameCityTV – Hundreds

Semi Secret, Aeiowu's and Loscil's iOS game Hundreds is the product of a year long experimental collaboration. Adam Saltsman talks about the team's process through creating the game...

Wild Proteus

Matt Taylor, local filmmaker and possessor of the most impressive videogame collection we've ever seen, has made this lovely little video featuring the Proteus: Live event at GameCity7...

Things we know about life

We already know that a four day festival is taxing. By extrapolating that experience, we were confident that an eight day festival would be tiring but ultimately survivable...

Journey Wins The GameCity Prize

We're delighted to announce thatgamecompany’s Journey as the winner of the second GameCity Prize.

There’s A New Sheriff In Town….

The festival is in full swing and we’re all busy making magic, but we just wanted to point you towards another piece of magic some of the team have been working on after hours...

NTU Live Blogs!

Perhaps you're not able to attend the festival but would like to read about it from a remote location? Maybe you're not allowed out in public? Either way, you're in luck, thanks to the diligent students of NTU!

The Kids Are

Anna Marsh, co-founder of Lady Shotgun Games and STEAM School teacher for GameCity7, is running some events for little'uns!

One more sleep!

It's GameCity7 eve. Gulp. We thought we'd do a couple of new event announcements and run through some importants things that you absolutely must know.

Media Molecule’s Tearaway
Paper Jam!

Our deer friends Media Molecule, creators of Little Big Planet and Tearaway are bringing along some crafty fun for you to do all day in the Old Market Square!

Making Magic! Making Merlin!

Bossa Studios are coming to GameCity7! On Thursday 25th from 10:30am-12pm at the Council House Ballroom, you'll hear about the perilous quest that is Merlin: The Game.

Games For Film – Contest Final

Witness 12 finalists pitching to the BFI (British Film Institute) and Lionsgate UK for potential awards of up to £25,000! Funded by Abertay University's Prototype Fund.

Slime! Rockets! Lab coats! World Records!

On Saturday 27th from 2pm at the Old Market Square we're going to break the Guinness World Record record for World’s Largest Practical Science Lesson!

The Venus Patrol Training Facility

Bouncing on trampolines, scaling a mountain, pretending you’re a frog, honing your sumo skills, pushing random strangers...

Sounds Like Lucky Frame

Edinburgh based developers Lucky Frame are bringing their unique and hugely entertaining catalogue of work to the festival week...

Crysis 3 at GC7!

We're really excited to announce that Crytek's Crysis 3 will be available to play at GameCity7 in a bespoke playing environment from Monday 22nd - Saturday 27th.

The Malthusian Paradox

We're delighted to tell you that The Malthusian Paradox will part of GameCity7 for the entire week, from 10am onwards. So read on and get excited.....

Bad news….

Folks, we've had some bad news. Due to a scheduling conflict, Peter Molyneux is now unavailable to attend GameCity7.


Be the first people in Europe to see Semi Secret Software's Hundreds and hear Adam Saltsman talk about its creation.

FEZ 2027

Phil Fish is coming back - from the future!

Capsule Capsule

Come with us now, on a journey through time and the next event to be unveiled for GameCity7! Yes, Capsule Capsule is an exclusive theatrical presentation of Adam Saltsman’s latest title, tense space exploration adventurer, Capsule.

GameCity Presents… evening of music, visual arts and interactive media. With Cantaloupe, Galaxians, Moscow Youth Cult, Urban Projections & Owain Davies!

Mike Gets The Help He Needs

Yes, the man making sure Thomas isn’t alone will be joining us during GameCity7 for a week long event - Mike Gets The Help He Needs.