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We already know that a four day festival is taxing. By extrapolating that experience, we were confident that an eight day festival would be tiring but ultimately survivable. The one hiccup in our equation? We forgot to scale up the support, goodwill and all round fun we would have, spending eight amazing days with each and every one of you.

Locked away in an office for months on end, it’s often hard to see the impact that an event focused on inclusion and accessibility can have, or how the industry, and wider world, will respond. We’re still sifting through the feedback; the photos, the emails, the tweets, the coverage both online and print. What can we say though is that everything has been positive. Emphatically so. And that means everything to us.

And now, after a (very loooooooong) sleep, we cast our eye to the horizon. What can we promise in future years?

  •  We promise to continue our efforts to make a festival, a brilliant fete crammed full of amazement and wonder for everyone from your little sister to your great-grandad, and those in-between
  • We’ll continue to widen our programming; boardgames, music, films, comics, graphic novels, we want to celebrate everything and continue to be the meeting point for these
  • We do this for you, and with your help. Not just as attendees or exhibitors, but as friends who offer up amazing advice/suggestions/general pearls of wisdom. We find it more valuable than ever, and will continue to listen and react to it

Here are some lessons we will take away from the experience this year

  • Trampolines are super popular, but spending too much time on them gives you jelly legs
  • One Life Left’s We’re At GameCity cover of We Built This City is our new office jam and will be for the next six months, minimum
  • Phil Fish will not age a single day between now and 2027. Or plastic surgery will become really advanced and we’ll all stay looking super youthful
  • Putting Canabalt and Super Hexagon on a big screen in the Old Market Square is a great way to make new friends
  • We’re awesome at science
  • And at breaking world records
  • This was the best festival we’ve ever organised, and it’s all because of you

Thank you for an amazing year, and we hope to see you all again.

The entire GameCity team of 2012

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