There’s A New Sheriff In Town….

…and you can play on him!

The festival is in full swing and we’re all busy making magic, but we just wanted to point you towards another piece of magic some of the team (and friends) have been working on after hours…

Rob Jones and George Buckenham playing Pippin Barr’s Ludwig Van Beatdown

Yes, that’s right. They built an arcade cabinet. And called it The Sheriff. Wow! So, now that’s sunk in, we wanted to take a second and let you know what David Hayward (staff), Lee Nicholls (staff) and Joe Dickens (BFF) have created with the help of the incredibly talented A.J. Hateley. Our rather brilliant illustrator friend has decorated the cabinet with videogame location inspired luggage labels and stickers depicting fictional locations from some of the best videogames ever made!

Go to for more amazing work and prints (coming soon!)

The cabinet isn’t for classics, as much as we love Tetris, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and the like. It’s for new games, made by you. We’ve gathered together a series of games made by friends to show on The Sheriff, and then we’ll be finding even more! So far, we’ve got…

Ludwig von Beatdown by Pippin Barr

Chang Chang by Michael Brough

Cubes by George Buckenham

This is just the start. Not only will we have much more to come during the festival week, but we’ve got big plans for this machine after GameCity7…..

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