Tuesday 18 December, 9:00pm

RENGA is back! It’s even bigger! And this time, it’s hosted by BAFTA. If you London based folk haven’t already taken part in the exhilarating multiplayer-with-lasers (multiplaser?) game, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

Princess Anne Theatre, BAFTA
8:15pm Bar opens for drinks
9:00pm Event starts
10:30pm Event finishes

Renga is a feature-length crowd game for cinema screens that mixes new technology, adventure drama and a wry sense of humour. Ambushed and left for dead in deep space, our hero must carefully marshal their resources to build a new ship, confront their nemesis and finally return home. Only this hero isn’t visible on the screen – it’s the entire audience, working collectively to control the action using 100 laser pointers directed at the screen. Turning the traditional hero’s journey on its head, Renga asks the question – what if the ultimate reward can only be grasped by many hands?

Following appearances at festivals worldwide including SXSW, the New York Film Festival and Sheffield Doc/Fest, as well as GDC and GameCity, Renga makes its London debut at BAFTA. The show will be followed by a short discussion with directors Adam Russell and John Sear, two videogames industry veterans who now dedicate themselves to designing collaborative experiences for cinema audiences.

For tickets and more information visit BAFTA’s website.

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