One more sleep!

It’s GameCity7 eve. Gulp.

Before manic-last-evening-before-the-festival starts and the GameCity team do a last minute run around the venues installing things on computers, arranging papercraft, shining TV screens, positioning trampolines and beanbags, we thought we’d do a couple more event announcements and run through some importants things that you absolutely must know.

Quintin Smith presents: A Board Game Golden Age

Broadway Cinema, Sunday 21st, 5.30pm-8.30pm

The board game scene today is going supernova, with several incandescent ideas hitting the shelves every month. As an editor of UK board game review site Shut Up & Sit Down, Quintin Smith is at the heart of this supernova, like a baffled, sweaty astronaut. He’s going to tell you what’s happening, why, and get you very excited indeed.

Ed Stern presents: Writing Wrongs – Doing Games Writing More Betterer

Council House Ballroom, Tuesday 23rd, 4.30pm-5.30pm

What do game writers do? WHY have cinematic cut-scenes in games? WHY hasn’t Avatar-style Motion Capture made them all good? WHY can getting better at Film/TV screenwriting actually make things worse for game writers? Splash Damage Lead Writer Ed Stern spills his brains all over you, revealing how things get done, where they go wrong, and what can be done about it.

Leigh Alexander presents: Text-Based Roleplaying Is a Fine Art

Broadway Cineman, Saturday 27th, 4.30pm-6.30pm

Learn how to develop your own improvisational characters, storylines and multiplayer universes using the chat tools you’re already used to. Leigh Alexander presents on a hithertofore underground art, with a focus on partner writing and fun exercises for everyone to try. Get empowered to start your own game worlds with friends, strangers and a little imagination.

All are welcome, though to participate in the session an internet-connected laptop or tablet is required. Leave inhibitions and children under 14 at home!

Some Important Things That You Absolutely Must Know

We open bright an early tomorrow (Saturday 20th October) at 10am in the big white building on the Old Market Square. See you then!

We’ll be tweeting during the event on @gamecity using the hashtag #gamecity7. Follow us for news, secret stuff, and probably the odd competition here and there.

You can find us on Instagram as @gamecity7- mostly taking behind the scenes photos of the crew asleep on beanbags or sobbing into takeaway coffees.

Make sure to look at the festival schedule on and log in to make your own profile that you can carry with you everywhere!


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