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Ok, this *should* be the last Zelda Zine 1 post.

Basically, it was a huge success! We got more than enough great submissions to make three 32 page volumes.

We printed 200 numbered, large sized copies of the zine and gave them out at Page 45 (the best comic shop, ever) in Nottingham, UK during Zelda Takeover Day and GameCity6. There was a line of hundreds of people, and the zines were gone in about twenty minutes.

We will continue to accept submissions for volumes 2 and 3 through this Friday, 4 November 2011. Send your submissions to coryschmitz [at] gmail [dot] com, and CC lee [at] gamecity [dot] org. Not everything will get in, but we intend to eventually compile all 3 volumes into a “Master Zine” with all of the submissions included. Pieces should be A5-sized, 300dpi, and greyscale. I am going to make a piece for volume 3. Also, I need a really great Ganon(dorf) piece. If your piece is in Volumes 1-3, you should be receiving a copy in the mail. No word one how long that will take.

Volumes 1, 2, and 3 will eventually be for sale online with profits going toward further print runs and a Nottingham-based charity for hospitalized youth. As of right now, I don’t know when or what site the zines will be sold on, nor do I know the price, as that will mostly be handled by GameCity. I am just picking pieces, laying it out, and making the covers :)

Thanks to all the contributors, Lee Nicholls (my collaborator on this project), GameCity, Nottingham Trent University, the National Video Game Archive, Raw Print, the wonderful people of Nottingham, and of course The Legend of Zelda for inspiring us!


Via Cory Schmitz

The list of contributors who made it into Zelda Zine 1 are:
• Sinead Allan
• Ashley Davis
• KC Green
• Alex Griendling
• Keza MacDonald
• Kari Thomson
• Zac Gorman
• Kyle Fewell
• Hamish Steele
• Chris Furniss
• Brendan Caldwell
• Will Baker
• Skinny Ships (Richard Perez)
• Nina Nguyen
• Corey Lewis
• Steve Courtney
• Mathew Kumar
• Madeleine Flores
• Hannah Templer
• Richard Whitelock
• Paul Veer
• Maré Odomo
• Kris Piotrowski
• Charlotte, aged 4
• David Nguyen
• Rexbox (Rex Crowle)
• Paul Butler

Well done everyone. If your work didn’t make it into this volume, don’t fret! We’ve got 2 more to make soon.

Images by Cory Schmitz

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