GameCityTV – Making Stories

At GameCity 8 festival, writer Lucy Prebble and game designer Steve Gaynor discuss the development of Steve’s latest game, Gone Home. They talk about narrative, writing for different mediums, and their own individual approaches at telling stories.

Lucy Prebble has written high profile works for TV and theatre such as Secret Diary of a Call Girl, The Sugar Syndrome, ENRON, and The Effect.

Steve Gaynor is a game designer and writer who has previously worked on Bioshock 2, Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den, and Bioshock Infinite. His new outfit, The Fullbright Company, released Gone Home in August this year to great critical acclaim.

Filmed at GameCity 8, Nottingham, UK
October 24, 2013

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GameCityTV – Volume


Here’s the first edited lecture session from GameCity 8. Mike Bithell reveals the story and cast for his latest project, Volume.

Mike discusses the legend of Robin Hood with Nottingham Trent University’s Neville Stankley (Principal Lecturer) & Graham Black (Reader of Public History and Robin Hood expert). The stories of Nottingham’s famous outlaw have strongly influenced Mike’s latest game, as you’ll find out in this very special event fittingly held in Nottingham Castle’s Long Gallery.

Filmed at GameCity 8, Nottingham, UK
October 25, 2013

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Onwards & Upwards!


The dust is still settling at GameCity HQ now that the festival’s over. Post-fest colds have been shaken off, venues have been packed up, and we’re starting to make sense of the whirlwind that has been the last few weeks.

The office is filled with boxes, remnants of papercraft (so much papercraft), and cables (so many cables). A broken arcade cabinet stands immovable in the middle of the room.

We’ve all just about recovered. Just about.

So, what’s next? Before we give the office a proper tidy.

How about a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in GameCity 8 to make it the biggest and best festival yet.

If you came along to an event, showed a game, gave a talk, made a cake, played some music, ran a workshop, aimed for love, made something for us, partied with us, offered a venue, joined the crew, everything else we crammed into 8 brilliant days…


Okay, we’re going to put off tidying the office a bit longer to let you know what you can expect from GameCity in the dismal, joyless time between festivals.

GameCity Prize 2013

The shortlist and jury were announced during GameCity 8.

Here’s the shortlist:


FIFA 13, FTL, Sound Shapes, Spaceteam, The Last of Us, Thomas Was Alone, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

What do you think?

The GameCity Prize 2013 sees some familiar faces returning to the jury, and some wonderful, esteemed new additions.

Samira Ahmed, Louise Brealey, Uta Frith, Tabitha Jackson, Phil Beadle, Dinos Chapman

We’ll be discussing the shortlist and bringing you more news about this year’s Prize very soon.

Modern Playing Quarterly #2

The second outing of the Modern Playing tour is happening imminently – at a venue near you!

It’s a grown-up evening of ideas, video, music and debate about videogames and gaming culture.

Part Royal Institution Lecture and part nerd panic room, Modern Playing is about discussing ideas, starting arguments and playing with games – all against a backdrop of quizzes, surprise guests and crisps.

This is videogame culture’s night out.

We’ll be hitting these places in the run-up to Christmas:

Birmingham MAC : Nov 25
Sleaford, NCCD: Nov 27
Cardiff, Chapter : Dec 3
Leeds, Somewhere : Dec 4
Edinburgh, Filmhouse : Dec 5
London, BFI Southbank : Dec 6

For tickets and more information head over to

GameCity Nights

The Nights gigs will be returning in the new year. Slightly different, perhaps? We’re all about shaking things up in 2013/14. We’re really looking forward to trying out new things, playing new games, and meeting new people who are interested in interesting things.

News coming soon.


We’ll leave you with some of the best photos from the festival.

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2 Big Screens! Pt 3!


We’re back! With yet MORE news about the 2 Big Screens project…

Here’s some sneak details about another couple of the awesome projects winging their way to Nottingham in the next couple of days…


Cara Ellison & Mike Bithell

Put a bucket on a friend’s head and play Bucketheads, a competitive game of Knightmare (you know, the brilliantly weird 90s telly program) where players must guide their Buckethead to the glowing tile of win before the opposing team can get there. Suitable for 4-400 players. (Buckets and play mat included.)



Dance Dance Mat Madness

Hazel Savage

More details have emerged about the titles that Hazel has been working on in the last 224 hours. Dance Dance Mat Madness is what outdoor LED screens were invented for. In true GameCity style, Dance Dance Mat Madness brings madness AND dance mats to Nottingham’s Old Market Square. Play new and remixed retro games in glorious low-definition giant screen loveliness each and every day of the festival. Run, jump and flail your way to retro gaming success with a collection of dance mat-enhanced games including Frog Dude Crosses The Road, Frog Dude Crosses Space, 30 Second Running Test, Controller Wars, Mega CANABALT, Pixel Sports and more. Some games even include an embedded Horace. It literally doesn’t get any better than this. Ever.

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Papa Midnight: Papa Sangre II Pre-Screening


Papa Midnight: Papa Sangre II Pre-Screening, Wednesday 23 October, 9.00pm-2.00am, Antenna

We’re incredibly excited (and a little bit terrified) to announce a pre-screening of Papa Sangre II, on the evening of Wednesday 23 October, in very spooky circumstances, in collaboration with Somethin’ ElseNear Now, and Playground Publishing.

Papa Sangre II is Somethin’ Else’s latest audio-based horror game, published by Playground Publishing. It’s the sequel to the award-winning Papa Sangre, a “videogame with no video”, in which the player explores the game’s environment using only binaural audio cues. It’s all very technical and wonderful. And scary. Very scary.

Now, Papa Sangre is back and still very much in charge of the monster-filled afterlife in which you find yourself.

You are dead, and must hunt for memories from the deceased to get back to the other side. Trapped in the peculiar afterlife of Papa Sangre, your guide is the voice of Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones).

Death for you is just the beginning.

You can be the first to play Papa Sangre II on a midnight jaunt through one of the UK’s most haunted buildings, The Galleries of Justice Museum!

To be a part of this special event you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Own/borrow an iPhone (and a pair of headphones) – Papa Sangre II is compatible with iPhone 4S or later / iPad 2 and above / ipod 5 and above. You’ll need headphones to play the game – it relies on you being able to hear the binaural audio properly
  • Sign up for a ticket here:
  • Come along to an exclusive ticket holder only event on Wednesday 23, 9.00pm, Antenna, Beck Street, NG1 1EQ, where you’ll receive a download code for Papa Sangre II
  • Don’t forget your iTunes password!
  • Follow our guides to The Galleries of Justice Museum where a unique experience awaits you at midnight.



Papa Engine Workshops

To celebrate the release of Papa Sangre II, Papa creators Somethin’ Else are opening up the audio engine that powers the game. Extraspecially for GameCity; developers, designers and audiophiles have the opportunity to explore the creative and technical possibilities of immersive audio for mobile.

Read more about the event here:

Register for the Papa Engine 3D Audio Games Jam here:

The Papa Engine 3D Audio Games Jam is co-produced by Somethin’ ElseBroadwayNear Now and Sophie Sampson as part of GameCity festival.

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Following on from yesterday’s exciting announcements, here’s some more details of the kinds of things you can be expecting to see on the 2 Big Screens…

Aim for Love

Martin Hollis


Martin Hollis has made a new game especially for you! That’s right, the director of GOLDENEYE has made a NEW GAME and you’ll only be able to play it at GAMECITY!

He talks about the detail of it with Cara Ellison over on the Guardian.

Pixel Sports

Hazel Savage


Months ago, Hazel emailed us with a brilliant powerpoint file explaining some ideas she had about dancemats. Next thing we knew, she was working flat out to deliver some of the most fun (and exhausting) elements of the whole show.

For players of all ages, Pixel Sports will be running regularly throughout the week, and it is awesome. Compete in sprinting, swimming, synchronised swimming and (of course) dressage!

Live Pixel Art!

Paul Veer

Best friend of the festival and modern day master of Pixel Art, Paul Veer will be returning to GameCity with a brilliant project for our 2 Big Screens. You might’ve seen his handiwork in games such as Super Crate Box, Nuclear Throne, and Hunger Games: Girl on Fire.

Every day, as the clock strikes high noon, Paul will take his seat on the square and start to draw something new for you – LIVE onto the screens.

He’ll have just sixty minutes to complete his masterpiece, and you’re invited along to watch, chat and perhaps even be the subject of one of his works!

This. Is. Amazing.

So that’s 12.00pm-1.00pm every day on the Old Market Square.

Paul’s submission to the Zelda Zine that we made for GameCity 6 with Cory Schmitz.
very nice!

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